About Identity Protection Group

We Exist to Keep Your Identity Secure

As digital guardians, our job is to keep your identity secure. We provide you with more control to protect your identity so you don’t have to be part of the 1/3 of Americans that have been victims of identity theft.

Our primary objectives are to:

  • Keep your identity secure
  • Provide credit protection

Scammers and hackers become more resourceful year after year. Identity theft has become a crime of epidemic proportions. Over the last five years, this crime has impacted over 27 million Americans. Last year alone, identity theft affected an estimated 10 million Americans resulting in losses of over $53 billion. Check out our blog to get an idea of all the recent breaches that have compromised billions of Americans’ records. 

Credit Card Numbers Exposed in 2017

Social Security Numbers Exposed in 2017

Losses in Dollar Value

Counter measures must be available for people to protect their credit and identity. We spend a lifetime building good credit and trying to keep our identities secure, but often more measures and technology need to be leveraged to shield them.

Safeguard your identity and credit

What Sets Us Apart

The technology we use is at the forefront of the industry and complements our already vast array of identity prevention and response products. We are always listening to our members and evaluating reports to see how else we can better secure identities. We are consistently moving the bar to provide the best credit protection.

Our Care Advocates are well trained, professional, U.S.-based, and very successful in making credit theft victims whole again.