ID Theft Insurance & Dark Web Monitoring

Your defense against the bad guys lurking in the shadows of the dark web. ID Theft monitoring 24/7.

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Family First Plan

Protect your family and yourself from ID Theft with all of these features included:

Identity Theft Insurance

Up to $1,000,000 of insurance coverage backed by AIG.

Use your $0 deductible insurance plan for you, your spouse, qualified domestic partner, and children.

Get reimbursed for losses caused by identity theft, such as lost wages, attorney fees, and notary charges

(Restrictions may apply. Refer to Terms of Service for full details.).

Lost Wallet Service

You make one call to us and we will assist you in getting your cards cancelled and replaced.

Criminal ID Theft Monitoring

Monitors criminal records databases to help detect if a criminal is using your personal information in ways that can generate incorrect criminal records associated with your name.

Breach Alert Monitoring

This service monitors multiple sources of public and private data breaches on the Dark Web that can help alert you if your account or personal information has been breached.

Internet Monitoring

Hackers like to hide on the dark web. We like to find them. If your personal information is floating around in places it shouldn’t be, we will notify you immediately.

Credit Freeze

We will help you stop credit reporting agencies from selling your data until you provide permission.

Medical Identity Theft Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system provides alerts of any suspicious activity relating to discrepancies in medical records and bills. If you are subject to medical fraud, our specialist will diligently work to restore your ID.

Tax Refund Fraud Support

We provide SSN identity monitoring to alert of any tax-related fraud. Should you become the victim of tax fraud, our in-house IRS Enrolled Agent is dedicated to handling tax refund fraud and tax-related identity theft cases.

Government Benefits Fraud Protection

We monitor various databases to ensure there isn’t any suspicious activity with government benefits being received, such as welfare, social security, or disability, to name a few. Our 24/7 victim recovery services provide assistance in these special situations.

Dark Web Monitoring

This service provides Consumers with monitoring of their personal information on the “Dark Web” – web sites not easily or publicly available that are often used by criminals to share and trade stolen personal information. Learn more.

Identity Theft Restoration

If you experience fraud, our professional care advocates will assist in documenting and disputing identity theft disputes on your behalf.

Black Market Internet Monitoring

Identity theft monitoring of the Internet for misuse of your information on black market internet sites, hacker forums, social media pages, and internet chat areas.

Breach Response Service

The service provides Consumers with assistance understanding and responding to breach notifications received by Consumers in addition to responding to Breach Alerts from the Breach Alert Monitoring service.

Advocacy Team

Talk with a professional Care Advocate located in the U.S.