Identity Theft Protection Reviews

AS ID Theft Superheroes, we know a thing or two about protecting personal identities. We team with American families to guard and defend your rights to privacy. Check out these identity theft protection reviews and learn what our customers are saying about the care they receive under our watch.

“I received a court traffic ticket from the state of MN … I live in IL and have never been to MN …. I worked with Lori, who was very helpful and informational. My experience with the company was very positive. The experience helped reduce my anxiety. I now feel secure. Glad i joined, thank you. “ — Carol H.

“I was contacted in early OCT after applying for loans. After repeated phone calls, I was promised $5,000. There were 2 guys from CashNet which was advertised on TV. I thought it was legit, gave all info” Once I realized I left a message and was contacted by an identity theft intake specialist. Dale was the best and did what he said. “ — Pamela C.
“I experienced computer blackmail and worked with the company to resolve. Very good results and experience.” — Gordon H.

” An Indian man called and said that they were going to seize my account, asked for my social security number and other information. My account specialist was the best, helped me as fast as they could and understood my issue. They help me keep my privacy and I like their work so far” — Eric J.

“I had lots of questions before I was willing to sign up for protection, and the customer service people were extremely patient and helpful through all my questions. Once I was ready to sign up, they even helped me with the sign up process online. I was grateful for the kind assistance and glad I signed up.” — Angie P.
“I had service with another company, but the rate kept going up. I found this service, and covered my entire family for less than a single rate with my old company, and a guarantee that they would not raise my price!” — Anna P.
“I am a Senior Citizen on a very fixed income. I had an unexpected bill come up and thought I was going to have to lose my protection. I called to let them know, and they worked with me and skipped a month of billing to help me keep my protection. No company has ever done something like that for me! I am a customer for life!” — Christine M.
“My SSN was compromised … I was connected to a fraud specialist, an investigation was launched immediately. The response time was very prompt and the reps were very reassuring during a difficult time.” — George B.
“I experienced ID Theft after the Target breach in 2013. I didn’t have any protection then, and getting fixed was a never ending nightmare. Got protection a year ago and had ID Theft soon after. This time around all I had to do was call and let IPG know what happened, and they just took over for me … such a relief knowing professionals are standing by to take care of me.” — Rick G.
“My wages were garnished because someone filed for and received unemployment benefits in my name … I had no idea …. I had no idea what to do or how to fix it …. I called my fraud specialist and they took over. Not only was the matter resolved, I got back all the previously garnished wages. Thank goodness I have IPG on my side!!!” — Sandy H.
“I am not internet friendly. Staff was very patient and helpful in helping me navigate setting up account online and adding my family members info online.” — Tony C.

“My adult son receives disability due to a brain injury. His benefits suddenly stopped because someone had used his SSN as theirs in another state. We worked with people who made me feel like they really cared about our situation. The investigation was timely and the results were good. You never think this can happen to you, but it can. I’m glad I had a service like IPG to help out through all of this.” — Lisa M.