That gut-wrenching feeling when you realize you’ve lost something valuable is the worst. We’ve all felt it. Your stomach drops. The panicked thoughts come flooding in:

Did I leave it somewhere? Did I drop it?
Maybe a good Samaritan turned it in…
Oh my goodness, anyone could have their hands on it right now.
What else did I have in there?!
How could I let this happen?!
What am I going to do!!

When it comes to a lost wallet or purse, the damage can be brutal—your financial information, health records, and driver’s ID are all on the line. And, think about all the other personal info in there…things about your home, your family, your job or school. Your wallet is almost like your physical thumbprint. Not something you want in the wrong hands.

But, the best response in any bad situation is to react quickly with a cool head.

Put Your Financial Info on Lock

If you have a lost wallet, the first step is to cancel all your debit and credit cards immediately.

Call your banks and let them know you’ve lost your cards. They’ll get you started on new ones, and also place alerts on any fraudulent spending. Still, do your due diligence by monitoring any odd charges yourself via your online or mobile banking app.

Also notify credit bureaus about the loss. In case your info starts floating around, they can put a fraud alert out to notify you of any fishy activity (like someone trying to open an account or loan in your name). The three main credit bureaus to report the loss of your credit cards to are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Lost Wallet Tips

Now that you’ve taken care of your cards, make a list of everything else you can remember being in your wallet.

Based on that, here are some additional steps to consider taking if you’ve just lost your wallet:

  • Get started with a new ID by notifying the DMV that your old one was lost.
  • If your social security number was compromised, contact the Social Security Administration.
  • If your purse was lost with other personal items, like keys or a garage door opener, get new locks right away.
  • If you have any medical or health ID records that were lost, notify your medical institutions immediately so they can advise on the best course of action.
  • If your passport was lost, you’ll need to report it and apply for a new one.

Once you cancel and replace all your personal ID cards, the only thing left will be to get yourself a new wallet.

What to do if Your Purse or Wallet is Stolen

Sometimes, a wonderful human being returns your lost wallet or purse to the address on your ID.

But, even in a perfect world, it’s better not to wait on that to happen.

If you think your wallet was stolen, take the precaution of reporting it to your local police. This will help document the situation and prove your innocence if identity theft occurs.

Lost Wallet Prevention

Keep Calm and Carry On with IPGThe best possible scenario for crisis is having a plan b. A safety net, if you will. That way, even when the worst situation happens (and let’s face it, sometime or other, it always does), you can keep calm and get right to fixing it.

Identity Protection Group Lost Wallet Service acts as your safety net, mitigating the loss of a lost purse or wallet by storing your info securely online—without you needing to fill in your full personal info.

Your Ally When Accidents Happen.

One call to us with IPG Lost Wallet Services, and your cards are cancelled and replaced.